The agriculture industry takes the biggest impact when a recession hits. It affects all areas of the industry and there are dozens of problems, from supply chain issues to volatility in the market. The latest recession is hitting hard and who knows when the problems will subside. For most agribusinesses, their best hope is to ride out the storm. Fortunately, there are a few marketing strategies you can put into place during tough times.

So, what strategies are effective to use during a recession?

Focus On the Best Marketing Results

There are a dozen different tactics to attract customers. While most are effective, some are a drain on your finances. In a recession, you have to make cuts and make smart decisions and that often means dropping the less effective marketing strategies. For instance, social networking marketing has contributed to an additional 50% of the business. Video content campaigns, however, only created a 10% increase in sales.

So, whether you’re in the manufacturing or agriculture sector, you have to focus on the areas that produce the best results.

Agribusiness Marketing

Don’t Skimp on Your Marketing

A lot of people think during a recession you must trim the fat and bring down your overall expenses. It’s sometimes a necessity, especially when you’re feeling the pinch. However, marketing is not an area you want to skimp on. It doesn’t make sense to cut the budget because while you will save money, the long-term results will be poor. Instead, focus on getting rid of marketing tactics that drain money and don’t produce results. It’s a smart move no matter what industry you’re in. Learn more about what are marketing tactics by clicking here

Make the Switch to Digital Marketing

Agriculture and manufacturing industries have used marketing for decades, like everyone else, but many still utilize traditional offline methods. These methods have their advantages; however, during a recession, some marketing techniques are expensive. It’s partly because of soaring inflation driving up costs. Fortunately, digital marketing can be a lot more cost-effective. You should use channels that will reach your consumers best, such as social media. Learn more about the power of Digital Marketing at

Switch to a Marketing Agency that Specializes in Your Industry  

Most businesses use an agency to handle their marketing needs; it’s pretty standard today. However, recessions hit everyone hard. When you’re in the agriculture and manufacturing industries, you need to be smarter with your marketing. One of the best strategies is to choose a marketing agency that specializes in your industry. It’s an effective way to get results and spend your money wisely.

Back to Basics

Sometimes, your most effective strategy during a recession is to go back to basics. This means making sure your website is fully optimized so that the right leads are created. It’s also about ensuring any posted content online has relevant backlinks. You must convey a simple message that attracts people to your industry as well. Sometimes, going back to basics can strengthen your business during a recession.

A Promising Future

It’s easy to believe recession spells disaster for agriculture businesses everywhere but the reality is far from that. While you can feel the impact of a recession you can also find ways to prosper. For instance, by having a strong marketing strategy, you can reach relevant audiences. You can go back to basics, switch to digital marketing, and choose an agency that specializes in agriculture. It will give you the best chance to succeed in your industry during a recession.

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